Language Arts

The purpose of the language arts program is to prepare the student to read, write, speak, spell, and listen effectively. Integrating language arts instruction enables students to make critical connections to all subject areas, thereby setting the foundation for a lifelong love of reading.


Grade 1

In First Grade English Language Arts, students will demonstrate continuous progress in beginning reading and writing skills using knowledge, experience, the structure of language, phonics, grammar, and spelling. They will write age appropriate pieces and demonstrate a greater proficiency in speaking, listening, and comprehension skills.

Grade 2

In Second Grade English Language Arts, the main goal is for the students to show their growth as young readers and writers. Through guided reading, spelling, phonics, and writing lessons, the students will gain the skills necessary to accomplish this goal.

Grade 3

In Third Grade English Language Arts, students will demonstrate the ability to read and write at the appropriate level using knowledge, experience, proper grammar, and phonics. They will write age appropriate pieces and accelerate their speaking and listening skills.

Grade 4
In Fourth Grade Language Arts, students will continue to reinforce skills and strategies in comprehension, writing, phonics, spelling, vocabulary, proper grammar usage, and mechanics. In addition, reading across the curriculum ensures that the concepts learned are used and practiced in all areas of study. A book club approach is used with trade books and allows for deeper examination of skills including character traits, setting, author’s purpose, genre, conflict, resolution, and making inferences/higher level thinking skills.
Grade 5

In Fifth Grade English Language Arts, students will be able to recognize proper mechanics and grammar, including sentence structure, punctuation and capitalization, parts of speech, and quotation usage. Through reading of all genres, students will be able to draw conclusions, generate questions, clarify ideas and make judgements, identify author’s purpose, and summarize by restating facts and details. Vocabulary study will incorporate knowledge of roots, prefixes, suffixes, synonyms and antonyms, homographs and homophones, as well as strategies to use context clues to determine word meanings. Students will incorporate the above skills into their writing process, resulting in end products that are well researched, grammatically correct, and well edited. Students will also be able to present information orally, accurately reporting on a topic while speaking both clearly and audibly.