The purpose of the Religion program is to teach and reinforce content material as well as to provide meaningful opportunities for the student to live a life of faith and prayer.


Grade 1
In First Grade Religion, students will grow in the knowledge and love for God our creator. They will understand that Jesus, His Son, is the source and guide of our faith. Through scripture and the Church, instituted by Christ, we are a faith community that lives the way Jesus taught us to on a daily basis.
Grade 2
In Second Grade Religion, students will grow as strong, faith-filled individuals. They will achieve a respect and understanding of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. They will gain the understanding that God shares his love through creation, Eucharist, redemption, and guidance. Students will prepare for and receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the First Eucharist.
Grade 3
In Third Grade Religion, students will progress in their understanding and love of God. They will understand and appreciating the history, character, and future of our Church community. They will also learn how Jesus, God’s Son, is the source and guide of our Faith. They will demonstrate the ability to live in their community, the way Jesus taught us to, on a daily basis.
Grade 4
In Fourth Grade Religion, students will focus on learning the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus in order to live a life of love and happiness. Students will look to Jesus as a model of holiness and prayer, strengthening their understanding of what it means to develop a good conscience, and how doing so allows us to make choices that show our love for God, ourselves, and for others. Students are also encouraged to participate actively in the life and mission of the church by practicing ways to cooperate with those who lead the Church and to participate more fully as a member of the Church.
Grade 5
In Fifth Grade Religion, students will come to know and love God. Through the study of the Seven Sacraments, students will expand their relationship with God and grow as members of the Body of Christ. Students will learn to protect, love, and forgive as God does, allowing them to grow to their full potential as Catholics so as to be able to give back to both their Church and community.